NCT Renjun’s Unexpected Appearance In (G)I-DLE’s Vlog Sparks Laughter

Renjun knew he was on camera.

Since K-Pop idols often have similar schedules, there are funny moments when they accidentally end up in another idol’s vlog. NCT DREAM‘s Renjun is the next idol to make fans laugh from one of those moments.

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

When NCT DREAM and (G)I-DLE both performed at the German K-Pop festival KPOP.FLEX, Renjun ended up in Shuhua‘s vlog.

Shuhua | @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

Wanting to take care of her members, Shuhua decided to prepare a plate of food for them by piling it with things they’d like.

Needing a bit more food to feed all of them, Shuhua moved to another area to get more. That’s when two people who weren’t part of (G)I-DLE also decided to grab some food for themselves. Although their faces were blurred out, eagle-eyed fans knew it was Renjun and one of their staff members.

Making the sighting even funnier, Shuhua was totally focused on scooping up the food while Renjun and the staff member noticed they were being filmed.

Since fans have been waiting to see the Mandarin-speaking idols interact, they were amused by the unexpected way their wish came true and how no idol is safe from getting blurred out.

With such a short haircut, fans can find Renjun anywhere—even if he’s a little blurry.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Check out the funny appearance here.