NCT’s Renjun Revealed How The Members Helped Him Celebrate His Birthday

Doyoung called an hour before midnight to wish him “happy birthday!”

NCT‘s Renjun hosted a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday with NCTzens. He also shared how his members greeted him and wished him well for his birthday.

| NCT/VLIVE and @littleinzen/Twitter

A viewer commented and asked who was the first person to greet him for his birthday. He revealed that Jisung opened his door at exactly midnight, said, “Happy birthday!” and then walked out. Renjun thought it was amusing. Although Jisung would have guessed himself to technically be the first, Renjun remembered that Doyoung had called him one hour before midnight. Doyoung wished him in advance because he would be asleep. Renjun found the gesture to be touching.

On the other hand, Jeno wished him a “happy birthday” multiple times throughout the day. He even called during the live broadcast! Renjun asked him what his gift would be. Jeno revealed he had not gotten him a gift yet. As a result, he said that the gift is his love. Renjun retorted, “I can receive Jeno’s love and daily.” The rest of the call was their bickering back and forth on whether or not they will continue to exchange gifts.

Before the live broadcast, Jungwoo told fans on the Bubble app that he would be watching Renjun’s live broadcast. Fans informed Renjun in the comments of this. Renjun responded, “Jungwoo hyung, are you watching this?” He looked to the camera and made a heart for him.

| NCT/VLIVE and @littleinzen/Twitter

He thanked NCTzens for also helping him celebrate his birthday. He expressed his happiness and wished for others also celebrating their birthdays to be happy too.

Thank you very very much for enjoying and supporting my bday with me. I want to tell you that I’m grateful right here. There’s still time left today. Although it’s my bday today, there are those with the same birthday [as mine]. I hope you enjoy the same happiness I feel. I hope you spend today really happily. Once again, thank you very very much to everyone who supported my birthday.

— Renjun

Source: NCT, @littleinzen and @renjunache