NCT’s Renjun Once Came Up With A Clever Solution When Asked For A Photo By A Fan

Only Renjun could come up with this!

NCT‘s Renjun once had to turn down a photo with a fan, but he had a clever solution!

Renjun from NCT. | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

In 2019, a fan met Renjun at a hotpot restaurant! They were able to get Renjun’s signature, but the idol couldn’t take a photo with them.

Renjun’s signature.

However, he let them take a picture of his hand!

Renjun has a birthmark on his hand.

Renjun has a birthmark on his right hand, and it’s so unique to him that any Renchin would be able to recognize it.

Renjun showing his birthmark in 2016. | NCT DREAM/VLIVE

There was once this precious moment where Renjun used a translator app so he could communicate to international fans that no, he didn’t have a bruise, but a birthmark!

Though the meeting happened in 2019, fans are revisiting the story and sharing their love for Renjun online!

It’s such a wholesome fan interaction that showed off Renjun’s kind personality and his big mind!

Source: Instagram