NCT’s Renjun Loves To Watch Scary Movies With Ten, Here’s Why

You’d enjoy it as much as Renjun 😂

On an episode of Dream VS Dream, NCT‘s Renjun remembered watching a scary movie with Ten and proved why he was the perfect person to watch it with.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

When Jeno had to guess which horror movie was the first one they watched together, he thought of Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. Though he was wrong, it sparked a funny memory for the two. It turned out they had watched it with Ten.

While horror movies can be horrifying all on their own, Ten increased its intensity with a hilarious habit. Renjun said, “The movie was scary, but Ten’s screaming made it even scarier.

Renjun admitted that Ten made the experience much more exciting by saying, “It’s fun to watch a movie with someone like that.

From the bright smile Ten shows, it makes sense he’d be such an adorable scaredy cat and make everyone else just as frightened.

Ten and Renjun.

Watch Renjun spill about how scared Ten is of horror movies here.