NCT’s Shotaro Reveals #1 Thing He Wants To Do At His First In-Person Concert

He debuted during the pandemic, so he has one fun wish when concerts get back to normal.

Since NCT‘s Shotaro and Sungchan debuted during the pandemic, the two haven’t been able to experience traditional fan signings or live concerts.

With everything moving online, Shotaro ended up sharing one of the things he wanted to do at his first live concert post-pandemic.


When communicating with fans through their Twitter mention party, Sungchan expressed how much he wanted to see NCTzens. That sparked an idea for Shotaro and reminded him of something he’s been wanting to do. He said, “Oh, I want to try this.

Shotaro held up his hand and shouted, “Everyone! Make some noise!” The unexpected cliché line made Sungchan laugh.

Even Shotaro leaned back in laughter and clapped his hands from how funny it was.  He said, “People do that at concerts, right?” With his cute smile, Shotaro could get away with anything.

When concerts move back offline, there will be plenty of fans who’ll be ready to hype up Shotaro with their screams.

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