NCT’s Shotaro Playing With Taeyong Vs. Johnny Is Cracking Everyone Up

It didn’t take long for the memes to start.

Despite joining NCT only two years ago, Shotaro quickly made his way into everyone’s hearts and is now making everyone laugh with the different ways Taeyong and Johnny play around with him.

Shotaro | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

When some of the members played on the basketball court, NCTzens loved how much fun Johnny and Shotaro were having. While apologizing, Johnny used his strength to toss and spin around Shotaro, who was smiling the whole time. Taeyong’s playtime with Shotaro looked hilariously different.

When NCT played a round of dodgeball, it quickly turned into a scene from All of Us Are Dead from the members heatedly trying to win. After Shotaro got caught in the middle and was tackled to the ground, Taeyong didn’t hesitate to make sure he was okay. Like a mom looking after their child, he held Shotaro and held his head.

Seeing the chaotically fun Johnny and the gentle Taeyong had fans creating funny yet accurate memes. NCTzens pointed out how much they were like a mom, dad, and son trio.

Check out the funny comparison between Shotaro’s “mom and dad” here.


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