The NCT Song You Probably Didn’t Know HYBE Producer BUMZU Worked On

Them working together again would be just as iconic.

While HYBE producer BUMZU is well-known for making music for SEVENTEEN, he doesn’t only work on music for the company’s groups.

SEVENTEEN with BUMZU (wearing mask). | @bumzu91/Instagram

Not only has BUMZU worked with JYP Entertainment‘s veteran boy group 2PM, but he’s also worked for SM Entertainment‘s SHINee and NCT.

2PM | @real_2pmstagram/Instagram

During BUMZU’s Billboard magazine interview, the producer confirmed he worked on NCT 127‘s second mini-album for the song “Back 2 U (AM 01:27)”. He even shared how the opportunity came up and the process behind making it.

BUMZU happened to be participating in SM Entertainment’s songwriting camp with GRAMMY-winning producers. Everyone bonded so well that the song came together quickly. BUMZU was able to feel a bit of that teamwork again for SEVENTEEN’s “HOT”.

It was for a songwriting camp with SM that I participated in, and that session was with The Stereotypes—who are very famous—and August Rigo. The three of us were just cooking so well. It was such a good, happy session.

The topline [melody] only took us three takes. We just used different parts of that to complete the song on the spot. That was a wonderful experience, and also August recently participated in SEVENTEEN’s ‘HOT’. So working with him again was wonderful.


| @bumzu91/Instagram

Because there are so many K-Pop groups, the people who work behind the scenes are actually working on more music than fans know and have connections in the most unexpected places.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Source: Billboard