NCT’s Sungchan Reveals More Of His Close Relationship With Jungwoo— And It’s Super Sweet

Jungwoo is his favorite member!

In his very first live broadcast, NCT‘s Sungchan sat down with Jungwoo and shared how they met as trainees, and why Jungwoo is his favorite member.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Sungchan had previously shared on Haechan‘s HAECHAN Radio that he looked up to Jungwoo, and only mentioned it was because he learned a lot from him as a trainee. Sungchan now reveals that they had first met five years ago as trainees, and their relationship was more mentor-mentee, with Jungwoo giving him tips in singing and dancing.

Jungwoo revealed that they got close because Sungchan was one of the few Korean trainees at the time, so he wanted to reach out and help him.

And so Sungchan grew to rely on him more, until Jungwoo debuted and Sungchan became the eldest of the Korean trainees.

But now, the two friends are reunited in the same group and couldn’t be happier!

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