NCT’s Mark And Ten Reveal The Past Hairstyles They Hated Most

“I honestly hated it…”

From the time NCT debuted back in 2016, they’ve tried all sorts of hairstyles for their many concepts. During SuperM‘s interview with BuzzFeed, Ten and Mark revealed the ones that missed the mark for them.

Since the members of SuperM have been artists for five years or longer, the outlet asked if there were any past moments they’d initially viewed as failures but ultimately led to their success.

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Mark couldn’t forget about the hairstyle he debuted with for NCT U‘s “The 7th Sense”. “When I first debuted, my hair was very short. So my bangs were above my eyebrow by like four inches, and I honestly hated it during my debut.

Looking back at it years later with a fresh set of eyes, Mark had a different view. “But coming back to it now, I feel like it was alright.” Taeyong couldn’t go without sharing his love for it, “It was cute!

No matter how much Taeyong liked it, Mark wanted to keep the hairstyle in his past. “It was appropriate just for that age, you know! Just for that time in my life.

When it was Ten’s turn, he shared Mark’s stance on their debut hairstyles. “Like Mark, mine is the same. During the debut days like ‘The 7th Sense’, when I saw my own hair, I was like, ‘This is not going to work out.’

Unlike Mark, Ten is ready to revisit the hairstyle. “But, now I miss it so much. I’ve got to get it soon!”

Whether their hair is super short or an awkward length, nothing could hide Mark and Ten’s handsome visuals.

Source: BuzzFeed