NCT’s Taeil Once Heard A Fake Story About Him On The Radio And It Was Awkward…

“I don’t think that’s my cousin…”

Here is a tale to teach everyone never to lie about an idol on the internet.

Back in 2017, a fan posted a story on a fan community site claiming her cousin is an idol and they had so much fun playing games and fireworks. The story claimed the cousin sang few songs while twisting a Sangmo (see below for reference) and the whole family was laughing and had a good time.

She added later her cousin found out she shared this online and hid in the bathroom from the embarrassment. Although the name of the idol cousin was never revealed, enough hints were dropped to let fans figure out the story was about NCT’s Taeil.

First, other fans were skeptical about the story but the writer insisted she was telling the truth and it began drawing attention in the community site. It eventually reached the top of the most viewed page and shared in other fan communities and Twitter.

“Taeil’s a living national treasure singing songs while twisting Sangmo”

“He twisted a Sangmo? LOLLL. You drive me crazy Taeil”

In most cases story like this quickly fades away like it never happened. However, things took a real turn when it was actually shared on the radio in front of Taeil himself. Taeil joined his NCT members on SBS Radio Cultwo Show only a few days later the story was posted online and things got really awkward when a fan asked him about it on the live show.

You can see him not even realizing the story was about him.

Taeil denied the story and said, “I didn’t see my cousins at all. I don’t think that’s my cousin…”

The radio hosts tried to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible but you could tell everyone was feeling pretty awkward… Needless to say, the original post was deleted immediately and fans had to recover from the cringe-worthy moment they had to witness because of a small lie.

So, let this be a lesson to everyone even the silliest lies can come back and haunt you later!!

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Source: Naver