NCT’s Taeil Reveals The Sexy Style He Wishes To Try, And It’s Wanted ASAP

I would very much like to see it.

When NCT‘s Taeil comes to mind for many, his powerful, soulful vocals can’t go unrecognized. Though his adorable appearance also draws fans in, there’s another side to him.

Without even trying, Taeil can bust out his sexy side and leave fans feeling breathless. As if that wasn’t enough, Taeil revealed a sexy style he wants to try that’s sure to leave NCTzens feeling attacked.

During an interview with the Japanese magazine MEN’S NON-NO, Taeil had to choose the fashion style he wants to try. Since “Sexy” was nearly the complete opposite of his usual style, the interviewer asked Taeil to go more in-depth.

He wanted to wear a style that he’s never done before, “Fashion without an inner layer.

Turning the situation into a funny one, the interviewer was thoroughly confused, making NCT’s staff crack up in the background. When Taeil explained, “Like wearing a shirt on your bare body,” that only made everyone laugh even more.

Taeil couldn’t even deny that it was a unique take on being wild. He laughed, “Yes…that’s right. That’s right.” Fans have an idea of what that would look like.

Back during NCT 127‘s debut, Taeil wore a see-through shirt that nearly showed his entire back. If he looked that sexy just from the back, the sexy look he wants to try would look even better from the front.

Whenever Taeil wants to put that look to the test, plenty of NCTzens will be waiting to be attacked by the sexy look.



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