“Taeyong Hit Me With A Shovel”: NCT Star Has Hilarious Interactions With Fans On “Animal Crossing”

“I still can’t believe that just happened.”

So, you know NCT‘s Taeyong, right? The guy who’s an absolute king on the stage and an absolute teddy bear off it? Well, he just found another way to melt our hearts completely!

Our favorite K-Pop superstar decided to spend some quality time with fans — not in a glitzy concert venue or through a meticulously planned fan meet. Nope. This time, he invited fans to chill with him on his ‘Animal Crossing” island. No shiny stages, no screaming crowds, just pure, unadulterated island fun!

Taeyong’s virtual island was flooded with fans eager to hang out with their favorite idol. They were expecting a fun visit, but what they weren’t prepared for was Taeyong’s hilarious method of interaction.

In an attempt to show their love fans started showering their favorite idol with bags of the game’s virtual money. And how did Taeyong respond? By hitting them with a shovel, an axe, or whatever tool he had at hand!

Now, before you think Taeyong went rogue, this playful whacking had a sweet reason behind it. Fans found out the NCT star was doing this to stop the fans from giving him more of their coins. It’s like Taeyong was telling fans, “I don’t need your gifts, just being here with you is enough.

It wasn’t just a game of chase and shovel-whacking though. Fans had an absolute blast interacting with Taeyong in all sorts of ways: exchanging items, writing him letters, and even showing off their dance moves with him. All these sweet moments had fans feeling like they were genuinely hanging out with a friend, not just a superstar.

And the trust! Let’s not forget about that. Taeyong left all his stuff lying around, trusting fans not to take anything. It’s a small gesture, but it spoke volumes about the trust he has in his fans.

When the time came for him to leave, Taeyong made sure to bid fans goodbye in the sweetest way possible — saying, “See you next time everyone.” It was a lovely wrap-up to an unforgettable experience.

The internet is now abuzz with fans and netizens alike, gushing about Taeyong’s wholesome antics. Everyone agreed that this is just another testament to Taeyong’s amazing personality, not just as a superstar but as a person. It’s not every day you see an idol casually spending time with fans, playing around, and just being absolutely real.

Who knew that getting hit with a shovel by your favorite idol would be such a heartwarming experience?