NCT Taeyong’s Childhood Photos Prove He’s Always Been A Visual God

All hail the visual king!

NCT‘s Taeyong has always been a serious visual. Even as a child he was absolutely adorable!


His smile made him even cuter!


Even at the awkward pre-teen stage, he still killed it with his looks!


Taeyong was adorable when he was serious.


Or when he was goofing off at school!


He was totally believable as a superhero!


And Taeyong already knew how to pose to make all the girls swoon.


He probably melted a lot of hearts with that look!


And he looked totally comfortable being photographed.


Taeyong could make a simple blue t-shirt look amazing.


The same goes for red tees too!


Taeyong definitely looked comfortable in his skin as a teen.


And there is no doubt he looked handsome in his school uniform.


But there was a visible change when he became a rookie.


Fans had a hard time calling him adorable or cute.


Instead, they could say he was handsome or hot much more easily.


He definitely has grown up a lot!


And throughout the years, he’s proven that he’s always been a visual king!

Source: Dispatch and instiz