NCT’s Taeyong Chose The Most Perfect Halloween Costume

NCT Taeyong’s Halloween costume just proved that he and Jack Frost from Disney’s “Rise of the Guardians” are the same people.

Source: @finally_tae

The shiny silver hair color, the perfect lips with dreamy eyes make Taeyong a fairy tale prince come to life! 

Fans created a picture to compare his face side to side with Jack’s and there is some scary resemblance between the two!

“These two look so identical that it’s scary.”

— Fan from Korean Website

Source: @finally_tae

Taeyong listened to his fans’ feedback and dressed as Jack Frost on this year’s S.M. Entertainment’s Halloween Party.

NCT Fans are buzzing all over the net on how cute that Taeyong actually wore the Jack Frost blue hoodie costume.

Some fans are even saying that he is the real-life Jack Frost since the day he was born.

Taeyong must be busy juggling his real idol life as an NCT member, and as Jack Frost in Disney movies!

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