NCT Taeyong’s Dancing Skills Are So Fire, Even His Silhouette Looks Good

It’s hard to not notice him.

On hello82‘s YouTube channel, a video was uploaded featuring NCT‘s Taeyong and four other dancers. As the five of them danced in the dark, viewers were quizzed to guess which silhouette belonged to Taeyong.


At first, the mystery had all the NCTzens curious.


As soon as the music started playing, however, fans immediately realized that Taeyong – with his unique style and vibe to his dance moves – is impossible to hide.


The guessing game turned out to be easy-peasy for a lot of NCTzens…


… who were able to single out Taeyong from the five dancers as they all continued grooving out to the music!


In a separate reveal video, hello82 shared the identities of all five dancers and took the viewers behind the scenes of creating this fun series. NCTzens were thrilled to see Taeyong and to verify that they’ve been guessing right all along!


We won’t ruin all the fun though. Here’s to test your detective senses:


And the reveal: