NCT’s Taeyong And Doyoung Almost Spoiled Jungwoo’s MC Gig But Fans Thought They Were Talking About … Something Else

NCTzens: “I’ve connected the dots.”

NCT members Jungwoo and Doyoung did a livestream on June 29 and were surprised by a visit from Taeyong! The group talked about their current activities and shared some stories fans might not know.

Jungwoo (left) and Doyoung (right) during a VLIVE.

Doyoung recalled a time when NCT 127 were rehearsing their Japanese song “Chain” and a member had a bit of an accident.

During rehearsal, someone farted right on the beat!

Jungwoo (left), Taeyong (center), and Doyoung (right). 

Doyoung didn’t name the member, saying that he “can’t say who it is because he isn’t here.”

Jungwoo said “It’s fart-CT 127 now!”

Fart CT” even trended in Korea because of the livestream!

The three switched topics quickly, and Taeyong asked, “Do people know that about Jungwoo?

Doyoung was quick to realize what he was talking about and told him that fans don’t know, so Taeyong stopped talking about it.

Jungwoo wasn’t sure what the two meant, so Taeyong whispered it in his ear.

Jungwoo confirmed that the fans don’t know about it yet, but because of what they were just talking about, the fans started asking if it was about farts!

Doyoung explained that they weren’t talking about farts, but that “Jungwoo is about to get some good news.

Taeyong and Doyoung said they wanted to brag about it, but since it isn’t public yet, they’ll wait until Jungwoo speaks about it first.

Jungwoo just said that he would have to work hard.

Though it isn’t obvious what the members were talking about, fans think it’s related to the report that Jungwoo will MC on MBC‘s Music Core!

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

SM Entertainment has yet to confirm, but NCT member Mark sent fans a message earlier today expressing his excitement for his friend’s role!

Kim Jungwoo Show Show Show!!!!!

LOL. I’m looking forward to it. So once Jungwoo starts, please tune in every Saturday too!

It’s kind of like when you wait for the release of a movie you want to watch, right? LOL. I seriously can’t wait.

— Mark

Fans are excited to see Jungwoo on Music Core and are glad to finally know his good news!