NCT Taeyong’s Embarrassing “Love Theory” Moment Was Actually A Win For His Mom

NCTzens might be a tiny bit jealous…

NCT‘s Taeyong collaborated with Wonstein for the SM STATION track “Love Theory” and shared a funny moment from filming the music video that left him embarrassed.

Taeyong and Wonstein. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Since the music video had props such as a pillow and blanket with Taeyong’s face plastered on them, NME magazine asked the idol how it felt to see himself everywhere. Taeyong laughed as he admitted, “Embarrassing. I was really, really embarrassed.

There was a bright side to Taeyong’s embarrassment, though. He shared how much the staff loved the items by saying, “So there were actually quite a lot of individuals on set who wanted to kind of take the shirts and the set designs.” Taeyong had a better idea.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Taeyong knew his mom would adore all of the items. He saved the Taeyong curtain, Taeyong blanket, Taeyong shirt, and Taeyong pillow he showed off in his “room tour” all for his mom.

But I felt like my mom would probably want [them] the most, so I’ve saved them for her. I actually haven’t had the chance to see her yet, but [I’m] planning on seeing her soon. So, I will definitely get them over to her.

— Taeyong

Knowing that the cute items would be in good hands with Taeyong’s mom and loving how he thought of her to share them with, fans were touched.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Check out the music video to see all the exclusive merchandise saved just for Taeyong’s mom.

Source: NME