NCT’s Taeyong Has Everyone Convinced He’s Whipped For EXO’s Baekhyun

He didn’t have to try hard, tbh.

Ever since NCT‘s Taeyong and EXO‘s Baekhyun have begun promotions together as SuperM, the two have steadily been growing closer.

Before, Taeyong merely had a deep respect for his senior. Now, no one can tear him away from Baekhyun.

The latest way Taeyong has convinced fans of this was the new iPad cover he showed off at the airport. He’d decorated it with someone particular in mind.

Wanting to display his groups proudly, Taeyong plastered stickers of NCT 127 with their faces on them in support of their upcoming second full album NCT #127: Neo Zone. There were four stickers for SuperM.

Right in the center, though, fans noticed something that made them chuckle. Taeyong had put a sticker for Baekhyun. Since it was underneath the NCT 127 ones but on top of the SuperM ones, it was one of the first he decided to put down.

Taeyong can’t hide his love for Baekhyun. When they were saying goodbye once, Taeyong didn’t want to leave his side. After he said it in such a cutely sad way, Baekhyun had to remind him that they would see each other tomorrow.

Even when Taeyong sat beside Baekhyun during one of their concerts, he used the chance to hold onto Baekhyun’s arm. They also played with each other’s fingers because they’re cute cinnamon rolls.

Taeyong is the ultimate Baekhyun stan, not caring who knows about his soft spot for him. Even Baekhyun can feel the love.