NCT Taeyong’s Good Looks Make Him The Favorite Teacher Among Elementary Students

‘Teacher! You’re handsome”

NCT‘s Taeyong has proved his good looks make him the center of the attention wherever he goes.

On a new episode of NCT Daily, three NCT members, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Jungwoo visited a small Elementary School in Kyunggi Province to experience becoming a teacher for a day. They spent quality time with students and became close through various projects and conversations. The members even decided to eat his lunch with the students and became the center of attention among the cute children.

While everyone was enjoying their meal, one of the students called out Taeyong to tell him, “You are handsome.” In return, Taeyong replied, “You too, you are so awesome,” making the student smile.

Another student then brought Taeyong a cup of water and sat right next to him. When Taeyong asked the boy, “What do you want to call me?” The student answered, “Haeng-nim (Older-brother in accent).”

Towards the end of the lunchtime, Taeyong was surrounded by students who wanted his autograph and one of the female students carefully touched his hair and smiled big to show her happiness.

Watch the video to see more cute interactions   :