NCT’s Taeyong And Hendery’s “Sweet” Moment Is Tugging On Heartstrings

We’ll take more of this, please.

Since the addition of new members to the already-massive lineup of NCT could be overwhelming—even to fans—the group has been treating everyone to live broadcasts to make them feel right at home.

In one of the most recent, Taeyong, Johnny, and Hendery were the next grouping to get even closer. Along the way, an adorable moment between Taeyong and Hendery melted hearts.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

At one point in the live broadcast, Taeyong reached for one of the sweet potatoes to snack on, slowly peeling the skin off.

Rather than taking a bite into it when he’d peeled enough of it away, the caring leader turned to Hendery and offered it to him instead.

| NCT/Vlive

Hendery accepted it and cutely thanked him in Korean. What had NCTzens truly in their feels was how Hendery had reacted.

As soon as the sweet potato reached his hand, he smiled from ear to ear. That wasn’t the only adorable reaction Hendery had to Taeyong, either.

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When Taeyong had peeled another sweet potato and offered it to Johnny for a bite, Hendery had the sweetest smile on his face as he looked on. The pure happiness on his face was too much for fans to handle.

| NCT/Vlive

Seeing Hendery grow closer and closer to Taeyong is the heartwarming friendship that everyone didn’t know they needed to see.

Source: Naver Live