The Reason K-Pop Choreographer Bada Lee Loves Working With NCT’s Taeyong

“Taeyong and I are…”

From BLACKPINK to EXO, Bada Lee has created choreography for many famous K-Pop artists.

Bada Lee | @badalee__/Instagram

When selecting NCT and aespa‘s “ZOO” as the most memorable of them all, she revealed how Taeyong played a part in making it so enjoyable.

Bada Lee revealed that she and Taeyong share a trait that makes all their collaborations a fun time. She said, “Taeyong and I are idea banks.

Taeyong and Bada Lee are able to bring the best out of each other creatively. She explained, “If we give ideas to each other, there are a lot of fun things.

Bada Lee and Taeyong come up with so many refreshing ideas that they can’t use them all, especially when they choreographed “ZOO”. She added, “There were a lot of fun parts to express. I think it would have been more fun than other dances.

Not only do fans love when Taeyong and Bada Lee team up, but the creatives themselves also have a fun time.