NCT’s Taeyong Makes A Splash At “D’FESTA” In All Celine And With A Brand New Tattoo

Here is how much it costs to dress like him!

NCT‘s Taeyong attended the Korea Dispatch event D’FESTA on April 8 along with members Johnny and Yuta, making a memorable appearance for NCT’s ’95-liners. But two details that caught NCTzens’ attention were the total looks being served in his all-Celine outfit, and the reveal of a new tattoo on Taeyong’s arm.

All three members dressed in their own recognizable and unique styles, with Johnny giving his usual ‘fashion king’ flair while Yuta brought his sporty casual (yet totally glam) vibes.

But leader Taeyong instantly made an impression with his tattoos, his pink hair, and his Celine shirt and pants.

Along with a small brown bag, Taeyong oozed casual, though expensive vibes.

His gorgeous printed shirt alone costs no less than $1100…

| /Celine

…while his bootcut wool pants sell for $1150.

| /Celine

But the spotlight was almost easily stolen by his tattoos, which the cropped shirt allowed him to readily show off.

Fans noticed that a tattoo he had before of an anchor seemed to have been covered by a new tattoo…

…and they also noticed that Taeyong was sporting a brand new little tattoo on his arm—a tattoo of a paper plane.

It seems like for many NCTzens the whole outfit plus the new tattoo were a lot to take in…

…but absolutely no one is complaining. Taeyong has a very unique style and he never fails to serve looks—especially when he gives a peek at his ever-expanding tattoo collection!

Source: Celine and Celine