NCT’s Taeyong And Mark Have Completely Different Dance Styles And Fans Dig Both Extremes

The best of both worlds indeed.

NCT‘s dancers Taeyong and Mark are both phenomenal to watch when they lose themselves to the music. Fans have noticed though, that they have completely different styles of dancing – and they are in love with both extremes!


Taeyong’s style is often described with the word “fluidity”. His moves are graceful, connected, naturally flowing from one to the next, and visually pleasing to watch.


For “Superhuman”, Taeyong really put his slim physique to work and made the choreography seem extra smooth.


On the other hand, Mark’s style is described as strong and clean-cut. Mark’s dance moves are more structured and well-defined, with movements being carried out exactly as they’ve been choreographed.


Mark’s “Superhuman” is a lot more sharper and so much more powerful. Even the “flowy” parts of the choreography, Mark is able to add his splash of color to them and make the moves seem spot on.


NCTzens are completely torn between Taeyong’s suave elegance and Mark’s firm confidence. They’re in love with both styles from the completely extremes of the dance spectrum and won’t ever be able to choose one over the other!


Watch this side-by-side comparison and check out the stylistic differences:


If you’re more for Taeyong’s flow-like-the-river style, here’s his mesmerizing freestyle:


And if you’re more for Mark’s lean-mean-dancing-machine style, watch this satisfying “Simon Says”:

Source: THEQOO