NCT’s Taeyong Might’ve Revealed His Inner BLACKPINK Fanboy With His Airport Fashion

He just might be a secret BLINK.

When it comes to anything fashion, NCT‘s Taeyong is never afraid of trying out different types of styles, like this electric blue hair and one-of-a-kind acid wash pants.

One way those different looks are put on display is at the airport, where he debuted a particular style pairing that had everyone thinking of BLACKPINK.

During one of Taeyong’s recent trips through the airport, he was spotted wearing a long plaid coat, a reddish hat, and a colorful scarf.

While the outfit and accessories were eye-catching all on their own, it was his sneakers that caught the most attention.

Both of his sneakers were different colors. To get the look, he’d worn the left sneaker of a black pair and the right sneaker of a pink pair.

The color pairing instantly had fans joking he might’ve been sending the message that he was a BLACKPINK fan.

The sneakers he was wearing were a pair from Nike, a collaboration with Martine Rose that sells for over $100 USD per pair. The two also collaborated on a white pair of sneakers in a nearly-similar design.

Since it wasn’t the first time Taeyong wore two different pairs of shoes at once, and those were the only two colors offered, it’s most likely a coincidence. That won’t stop fans from having their fun and hoping he’s a secret BLINK, though.