NCT’s Taeyong Couldn’t Help But Notice This One Fan In The Crowd, Here’s Why

This NCTzen was pretty hard to miss.

At the 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards (aka 2019 SOBA), NCT‘s Taeyong was spotted bursting into laughter on stage. Fans wondered what turned Taeyong so ecstatic – and once they found out, they couldn’t help but crack up too.


All the while looking like prince charming, Taeyong was waving his hands at NCTzens when he noticed something shiny in the audience…


… and as soon as he realized what it said, he found it simply hilarious!


The fan was holding up a poster that read, “Lee Taeyong, aaah!!! Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!! I am a dangerous animal right now, Taeyong!”


Plus, the poster had reflective letters that were glowing – and practically blinding Taeyong trying to read it!


Upon coming across one of the wildest posters of his life, Taeyong made sure his teammates saw the festivity too. Fellow NCT members got a good laugh out of this extravagant public display of affection!


Taeyong’s fans are, inevitably, falling in love with Taeyong’s sweetest reaction. Fact: NCTzens all dangerous animals for Taeyong right now.


Watch the full clip here: