NCT’s Taeyong And NU’EST’s JR Are Totally Whipped For Each Other And We Can Relate

We know all too well how that feels.

In a newly uploaded video on Dispatch’s live broadcast channel, NCT‘s Taeyong and NU’EST‘s JR were spotted reviewing their latest Dicon Photobooks. Taeyong and JR were completely enchanted by each other’s visuals…


… and their cute fanboying moment has all the fans relating hard!


When Taeyong took NU’EST’s Dicon Photobook into his hands, he immediately noticed the cover featuring JR’s breathtaking beauty. Taeyong blurted out compliments as soon as he got a good look at the picture:

Oh whoa, what the heck? Why do you look so good in this? This is daebak.

— Taeyong


JR also couldn’t quite handle all of Taeyong’s visual game. He commented on Taeyong’s mesmerizing hair color captured in the cover.

You know it’s not easy to pull off hair colors like this. AND you look good in your current hair color too!

— JR


The two continued to flip through each other’s photobooks and fanboy over their work…


… while the viewers experienced difficulty breathing, thanks to double the trouble in the video. That’s Taeyong’s looks served on top of JR’s looks!


After watching Taeyong and JR be whipped for each other’s dashing visuals, fans can’t wait to get their hands on their own copies of these photobooks. And they hope to see more of the jaw-dropping combo that is Taeyong X JR!


Watch the full clip here: