NCT Taeyong Opens Up On Being A Leader To 22 Members

Taeyong’s view of all his NCT members had SuperM cracking up.

Along with NCT 2020 bringing NCT 127, WayV, and NCT Dream together and the addition of new members Sungchan and Shotaro, leader Taeyong‘s hands are more than full.

Since he’s also juggling promotions with SuperM, he shared what it was like to now be a leader to twenty-two members and balancing his responsibilities.

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During SuperM’s interview with Ralphie Aversa, the host asked, “What’s it been like for you having different roles in NCT and also SuperM?” Making them smile and chuckle, Taeyong summed it up best with, “Nowadays, I have twenty-two children in NCT.

Being surrounded by so many members from different countries and with differing personalities left no room for dull moments. “But I’m really happy. When I’m in NCT, it’s very fun.

The sheer amount of members to look after did sometimes become overwhelming. Still, Taeyong saw the positivity even in those challenging moments, “It’s very…a lot, but it’s very cool.Ten and Lucas couldn’t help but laugh.

Fortunately, Taeyong could lessen the weight of that responsibility when he was in SuperM. He could sit back and follow the lead of his sunbaes. “When I’m in SuperM, I’m really very comfortable in my mind. I think my senior hyungs…make [it feel] very chill.

Although Taeyong often makes headlines for his visuals, dancing, or musical skills, the fact that he’s a great leader to so many members gets overlooked. No one could do it as smoothly as him.

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See Taeyong open up about how tough yet rewarding it is to lead twenty-two members, as well as balancing his other tasks as SuperM.