NCT’s Taeyong Reveals His One Pet Peeve Of Being Ten’s Roommate

Ten was the one who reminded him of the habit.

Like the majority of the NCT members, Ten and Taeyong have a friendship that spans more than the four years since debut. Since they were roommates in the past, Taeyong knew all about Ten’s habits and remembered his one pet peeve about rooming together.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

While promoting as part of SuperM, the two played a game of Jenga for ELLE Korea, where they answered the question on the bottom of the piece they removed. Taeyong cracked up when reading his, “Pet peeves about the person next to me.

Although Ten encouraged him, nothing came to Taeyong’s mind. “I really can’t think of one.” Ten remembered and sparked his memory.

When Taeyong was Ten’s roommate, there was something about his perfume that he just couldn’t stand. “I used to be Ten’s roommate. And when we were sleeping, the scent from his perfume would be, like wow.

Instead of Ten’s perfume being a light, refreshing scent, Taeyong was overwhelmed by its smell. He recalled voicing that thought to Ten, “I think I said something like, ‘Seriously Ten, your perfume is way too strong.‘”

If you’ve ever wondered what Ten smells like, at least in the past, it just may be too much for you—or Taeyong to handle. Watch both of them laugh at the relatable pet peeve here.