18 Stunning Photos That Prove NCT’s Taeyong Is A Better Model Than Actual Models

His intense visuals will convince you!

NCT‘s Taeyong has been making everyone’s jaw drop with his seriously stunning visuals from the very beginning and has continued to leave fans a little breathless over the years.


With his truly outstanding aesthetics, Taeyong can make anyone’s heart flutter and has even at times made NCTzens wonder if he’s truly human!


His visuals are so unreal that he’s been compared to anime characters and Final Fantasy characters alike.


And it isn’t hard to see why!


His visuals aren’t just out of this world though, fans think that he could out-model every model out there!


With his jaw-dropping good-looks, he really should be up there on the catwalk.


Which may be why it isn’t so surprising to learn that Taeyong actually was a model predebut!


In 2012, Taeyong was a teen model for Super Croc


Which just so happened to be the same year he caught the eye of SM Entertainment and was cast!


But since his debut…


He’s only gotten more handsome.


And fans can hardly handle it!


From tougher concepts…


To softer looks…


Taeyong rocks all of them and sets hearts ablaze!


On top of that, every single move he makes is always captured so beautifully on camera.


It’s probably impossible for him to take a bad picture!


He seems to know it too!


And even when the dreaded “red-eye effect” is taking over, he still manages to look so, so good!


Taeyong truly is a visual king!