NCT’s Taeyong Spills On The Surprising Source Of Inspiration For The Concept Of His Song “Love Theory”

No one can do this concept like Taeyong can!

NCT‘s Taeyong released “Love Theory” on April 14 along with rapper Wonstein, and fans are loving the unique concept of the song.


Not only did “Love Theory” provide a fresh look at Taeyong’s unique visuals…


…but its fun music video did full justice to his creative lyrics.

In fact, fans couldn’t get over just how much of himself Taeyong had incorporated into the song.

According to the song’s description,”Love Theory” tells the story of a ‘nerd’ who is experiencing love for the first time.

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Taeyong plays the nerd in question, and in a recent fansign event, he revealed where he got his inspiration for the nerd concept: as it turns out, Taeyong was inspired after watching the classic sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory is a popular American sitcom that ran from 2007-2019, and it revolves around four ‘nerds,’ Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, who are struggling to find love. The show won plenty of awards during its lengthy run, cementing itself as one of the most beloved sitcoms in history. And it turns out Taeyong is a fan!

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The Big Bang Theory‘s influence on “Love Theory” is not immediately noticeable, but Taeyong’s character arc as a nerd is there. The MV even includes a hilarious montage scene of the ‘love expert,’ Wonstein, teaching Taeyong what he needs to do to become confident.

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The scenes of Taeyong asking Wonstein for help were a fan-favorite!

Though, Taeyong’s take on the ‘nerd in love’ trope made some fans give their own hilarious take on Taeyong as a nerd.

Ultimately, however, “Love Theory” and its use of the nerd concept were a hit! And tthe reason why is because fans are deeply appreciative of how Taeyong always brings concepts to life in the most creative and detailed ways possible.

Fans are also proud of him for always incorporating such a wide variety of cultural references into his work…

…and for proving that he and his bestie Wonstein really are a team to watch out for!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch Taeyong and Wonstein’s “Love Theory” on the link below.