NCT’s Taeyong Searches For An Unexpected Photo Card At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 And Fans Have Hilariously Mixed Reactions

The person on the card might surprise you!

SMTOWN LIVE 2022 returned to Korea after five years for a truly unforgettable night of music from SM Entertainment artists.

SM Family at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 | @smtown/Instagram

Ahead of the concert, thousands of fans eagerly waited at Suwon World Cup Stadium for the show to begin. While waiting outside in the heat for hours before a concert is a task many K-Pop fans are familiar with, SM Entertainment made it a fun, interactive experience.

Outside of the venue, fans could download an app to tour the stadium with a virtual NCT member…

| @pinkinmyblood/Instagram

… they could practice fan chants for their favorite artists, so they’re ready to go once the concert starts…

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… play a trivia quiz game about SM Entertainment artists with the chance to win a prize that was presented by current soloist and former H.O.T. member Kangta

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… view cover dance performances by dance groups, and even participate in a random dance play event.

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Another fun activity was the SMTOWN AR slot machine that selected a photo card at random for fans. The photo cards featured unique individual photos of SM Entertainment artists, but that wasn’t the only thing that caught fans’ attention.

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There was an exclusive photo card of an unexpected member of the SM Entertainment family that even NCT‘s Taeyong wanted to get his hands on. The coveted photo card was of none other than SM Entertainment’s founder, Lee Soo Man.

Before the concert, Taeyong sent a message to fans hilariously stating he was looking for the founder’s card and asked if there was anyone who received it that would transfer it to him.

Fans had mixed reactions to the addition of Lee Soo Man’s photo card among the K-Pop idols.

Despite the mixed reactions, Taeyong was determined to get the rare photo card and amused fans when he shared on Instagram that he succeeded.

NCT’s Taeyong holding his SMTOWN AR photo card | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram
Taeyong holding his Lee Soo Man photocard | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Fans have attributed Taeyong’s public search for the photo card to the reason it ended up selling out.

Luckily, Taeyong was able to get one for himself before it was gone!