NCT’s Taeyong Wants To Have Three Kids In The Next Ten Years — Here’s The Adorable Reason Why

Mark and Taeil were caught off guard by his response!

NCT‘s Taeyong wasn’t shy at all when he revealed recently that his ten-year plan includes starting a family!

Taeyong from NCT. | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

In Mark and Johnny‘s recent YouTube video, the two NCT members hosted their very own lemonade stand as the dream team “JOHNNY MARKY.” They sat down to talk with each of the 127 members about things like astrology, their Hogwarts houses, and coffee.

Mark then decided to go into some deeper topics for the last group, Taeyong, Haechan, and Taeil. He asked where they see themselves in ten years, and they each had drastically different answers!

Mark, Haechan, Taeil, Taeyong, and Johnny. | NCT 127/YouTube 

Haechan answered first and said that he sees NCT 127 doing a world tour. Mark may have spoiled a little secret afterwards: he said, “We should be doing that next year!

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Taeil needed some time to think and his answer was simple yet effective: “I eat steak!” Johnny asked Taeil whether that means he wants to make a lot of money, since good steaks are expensive. Taeil replied yes, and that he’d want to be eating a 5 cm (about 1.97 in.) steak.

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Taeyong had the most surprising answer when he honestly revealed that he wants to have three kids in ten years. The other members were shocked to hear that from their leader!

Taeyong: After 10 years, I thought… I have three kids~

Mark: Three kids?!!

Taeil: Three kids~!!!

| NCT 127/YouTube 

But his wish to have children didn’t come from nowhere; he explained that spending time with his nephew made him realize just how much he likes kids. He must have the sweetest nephew ever if just spending time with him has Taeyong thinking about a family!

… Because recently, I watched my nephew. And I really like— I thought, ‘Wow, I like kids.’

— Taeyong

| NCT 127/YouTube 

Though an unexpected response, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Taeyong would be a great father. He already has experience “raising” all the members of NCT, whom he’s lovingly referred to as his kids!

Furthermore, Taeyong has always been vocal about how much he adores his nephew. He spends as much time with him as possible, even becoming familiar with his favorite television shows!

Even when they’re apart, Taeyong often calls his nephew and chats with him. He mentioned earlier this year that his nephew is learning to sing and dance — maybe he’ll follow in Taeyong’s footsteps!

Check out the full video below to hear more of NCT 127 chatting about their lives!

Source: Instagram and YouTube