NCT’s Taeyong Has The Most Wholesome Answer For What Beauty Means To Him — His Mom

He never forgets everything she has done for him.

NCT‘s Taeyong has always done his best to grow as a person and as an artist, and this is evident in the way he values family and empathy above all else. He has been vocal in the past about the important role his family has played in his personal growth. In NCT’s recent series of videos, Beautiful Moments Of 2021 And Beyond, each member was asked to explain what ‘beauty’ meant to them, and Taeyong’s heartwarming answer was, of course, his mom.

When Jeno asked him, “What does ‘beautiful’ mean to you?” Taeyong answered that this is something he’s thought about for a long time. In his mind, he associates beauty with his mother.

Taeyong’s Beautiful Moments Of 2021 And Beyond | NCT/YouTube 

And not just his own mother! Taeyong’s thoughtful answer was that all moms are the “best, coolest, and most beautiful” people in the world.

As as always, Taeyong did not fail to make a point of how important his mom has been to his growth as a person, leaving him with touching gratitude and respect for all mothers.

Therefore, according to Taeyong, his mom is “the source of all beauty” to him.

But this is far from the first time Taeyong has been openly appreciative of his mother. His individual live streams have touched on his feelings about his family before, including one instance in which he remembered how one day made him think a lot about what his mother means to him. He said that there had been a moment in which he looked at his mother and suddenly got emotional…

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And, perhaps overwhelmed with affection, he said he suddenly had the feeling of wanting to buy and give everything to his mom.

Just thinking about the memory made him somewhat emotional again…

He said that that moment had made him think of how he had bought himself a lot of things when he first started making money, but had not given back to his parents yet. He said, “I was being extravagant [at that time].” But looking at his mom in that moment made him reflect on himself, leading to a resolution to do and be better.

Taeyong is an idol who has consistently done his best to improve himself, and to share about how family and empathy have helped him on his journey to where he is now. With the incredible success he’s seen as an artist, it’s extremely touching to see that his priorities and his values are so wholesome! You can check out the video for Taeyong’s Beautiful Moments Of 2021 And Beyond below.