NCT Taeyong And Yuta’s Friendship Had A Chaotic Start, But Here Is Why They Consider Themselves Best Friends Now

“We fought a lot, which made us closer…”

NCT‘s Yuta and Taeyong took a friendship test while talking to ELLE Japan, and spilled some details on how their heartwarming friendship got started and on what makes them best friends now.

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Both fans and members have teased Taeyong before about his close friendship with member Doyoung

So when Taeyong said he’d done a secret shoot with his best friend back in January, there was no doubt in everyone’s mind that he was referring to Doyoung.

It turned out, however, that he was referring to his other best friend, Yuta, with whom he has always had a strong bond.

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One thing that was revealed during the friendship test, however, is that they had a rather chaotic start to their friendship. While Yuta’s first impression of Taeyong was that he was cool and good-looking when they first met in 2012…

…Taeyong says that, though he had been glad to have a friend the same age as him, their initial relationship did include quite a few fights and pranks.

One of those pranks involved turning the boiler off while Yuta was in the shower…in the middle of winter. And though it’s been a while since it happened, Yuta still hilariously asked Taeyong to apologize in front of the camera.

Funnily enough, Yuta is the one who is still playing pranks on Taeyong and the other members today. Taeyong shared that sometimes Yuta will scream and scare him randomly…though he often doesn’t mind because it’s actually a good way to get energized when the members are tired during long periods in waiting rooms.

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Taeyong finds Yuta to be a unique friend in the way he supports hi. As the leader of such a big group, Taeyong is always under a lot of pressure, so he finds Yuta’s support is especially encouraging because Yuta is one of the few people who never fails to praise and compliment him. And as someone who feels at their happiest when working, Taeyong thrives on being praised for his work.

Similarly, Yuta also believes that Taeyong makes him feel reassured, especially when they’re onstage.

Given how much they rely on each other’s support, it’s no surprise that they hope to still be just as close in 10 years’ time! They’ve come a long way together so it’s easy to see why they consider themselves best friends. Their genuine friendship is sure to take them even further!

If you’d like to see the full video you can watch it on the link below.