NCT Taeyong’s Twin Brother Teeyong Takes Over When He Goes Off Stage

NCT’s Taeyong is a charismatic god on stage, but off stage his other identity Teeyong takes over… and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Taeyong owns the stage with his fierce gaze and flawless moves.

But off stage, Taeyong is a bubbly ball of adorable aegyo.

Fans have created different names for Taeyong’s personas. He’s Taeyong while on stage…

But fans call him Teeyong when he comes off stage!

Just look at him dripping with delicious swag.

Then completely change into cutesy Teeyong!

He may try to hide it well…

… but his aegyo is just naturally engraved in him!

Both Taeyong and Teeyong have been stealing NCTzen hearts left and right!