NCT teaches dance for “My First and Last” in this new tutorial [video]

If you had any doubt that the NCT DREAM unit is absolutely adorable, this behind the scenes of their dance practice will leave you questioning no more.

NCT DREAM recently released footage of the dance practice for their latest title song “My First and Last”. The members showcased the choreography of the song and wore their costumes from the video.

NCT DREAM is a unit full of fresh faces and vibrant personalities among an industry that is dominated by boy groups that are typically in their early 20’s. They are definitely catching up to their senior groups, and they will definitely become huge in no time. They are the third unit to debut and have already released their first album six months after their debut.

Make no mistake, they are catching up to their senior groups!

Check out behind the scenes footage of NCT DREAM’s “My First and Last” dance practice below:

That formation is incredibly impressive and cool!

Look at these fly moves.

They are in perfect sync.

They are dancing with such energy.

Those costumes are absolutely adorable.

They may be young, but their talent doesn’t lack in any area. They’re true performers.

Killing it!

These moves are some of their best choreography so far.

NCT is proving their staying power.

The way the members explode is so amusing to watch.

What an adorable way to end their dance practice.

Source: Dispatch

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Also, check out the full version of their dance practice below!