Here’s What NCT’s Ten Would Be Doing If He Never Debuted As An Idol

He’s born for the arts.

NCT/WayV/SuperM‘s Ten has snatched everyone’s hearts with his vocal ability and impeccable dance skills. But if he chose to never become an idol, he would still be involved in the arts.

According to Ten, if he didn’t pursue a singing career, he would have chosen to study in London, majoring in fine arts while working part-time jobs.

Ten has a talent for photography, which he has shared to fans on social media.

He is also talented in digital art, creating logos for t-shirts.

Many NCTzens have also commented that his fashionista mindset can be seen in his clothing choices. Ten knows what looks good and doesn’t mind experimenting with his clothing, proving that he has a creative mind.

Even his handwriting is perfect!

Seriously, Ten was made for the arts.

Source: Instiz