NCT’s Ten Reveals What’s In His Bag And The Items That Matter Most

He has a handful of items he can’t be separated from.

From luxury bags to easily accessible ones, NCT‘s Ten rocks them all—and even sells them out upon being spotted with them. Still, there’s one thing that many are curious about: what he carries inside them.

Thanks to SuperM‘s Mission Ellepossible With SuperM, Ten gave everyone a peek into what’s inside.

On the bottom of the Jenga piece he removed, the question asked Ten just that. He read, “Essentials in my bag.” There were four must-have items he typically carries with him.

While the average person’s essentials include their phone and wallet, Ten was all about being fresh and clean. “Toothpaste, toothbrush, cleansing foam, soap…

Taeyong attempted to make Ten narrow the list down based on importance, “What’s the most essential out of all of that?” Ten wasn’t having it.

He couldn’t be separated from any of those items, “They all are. They’re all important.” In that, Ten was far from wrong.

Check out the four items and products that Ten carries in all of his bags.

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