NCT’s Ten, SHINee’s Taemin, and EXO’s Kai In The New SuperM Trailer Are Three Different Kinds Of Sexy

Hot damn.

SuperM, the new SM Entertainment “Avengers” group consisting of all the ace members from its boy groups, released another video to bring more attention to the group before its debut scheduled for October 4, 2019.


In this video, titled “SuperM Performance Video : TEN X TAEMIN X KAI”, NCT‘s Ten, SHINee‘s Taemin, and EXO‘s Kai are to be seen dancing individually. Viewers, enchanted by each of the member’s groovy choreography, are now claiming that the three of them represent three different kinds of sexy.


First, NCT’s Ten showcases his excellent dancing skills. He made a million hearts skip a beat as he passionately glared into the camera. Fans have found Ten’s part to be dark, fierce, and charismatic. They are calling him the “dark sexy” of the three.


Then Ten switches off with Taemin, who are all kinds of mysterious and bewitching. Taemin, during his dance break, boasts his signature “fluidity” and is mesmerizing to watch. Fans have named Taemin the “mystique sexy”.


Last, but not least, Taemin leaves it to Kai to slay the viewers left breathing. Kai — with his usual clean cut and powerful dance moves — is strong, bold, and masculine. Fans are calling Kai the “bold sexy” out of the three sexy-s.


That’s sexy on top of sexy, with a side of sexy for everyone looking forward to SuperM’s debut. Ten, Taemin, and Kai seem to know exactly what they’re doing — and fans can’t wait to see this “Avengers” team assemble on stage!


Watch the full video here: