NCT’s Ten Spills On The Movie That Changed His Mind About Being An Idol

He opens up about his journey from training to debut.

NCT‘s Ten recently interviewed with Woody Milintachinda (also known as P’Woody) in his first solo interview in his home country of Thailand.

NCT’s Ten (left) and Woody (right) | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Ten opened up about debuting as the first Thai K-Pop idol at SM Entertainment, his positive outlook during challenging times as a trainee, and what inspired him to become an idol after he didn’t like to sing, dance, or be in front of the camera during his early childhood.

Ten became a trainee with SM Entertainment in 2013 after previously showing his talents by winning the Thai competition show Teen Superstar in 2011.

Ten holding his “Teen Superstar” trophy in 2011.

When Ten moved from Thailand to Korea, he shared that everything changed for him, even his personality, as he adjusted to the strict schedule of a trainee.

Through challenges, Ten saw each struggle as an opportunity to learn a lesson.

Determined to become an idol, he made the decision to debut and never looked back.

If you already decided, no matter how tiring it is, you just go for it. I’m a person that if I decided that I’m going to do it, I won’t look back.

— NCT’s Ten

Ten is now known as a multi-talented idol who continues to impress fans with his skills, but he surprisingly shared that he didn’t like to sing or dance until he was 13.

In fact, he didn’t understand why people were on tv and only enjoyed singing for his family as a young child.

He hilariously shared that a famous dance movie changed his mindset. He signed up for dance classes and slowly began to enjoy singing as well.

The movie Step Up ultimately inspired his journey to becoming an idol.

Being a dancer opened up more opportunities for Ten to socialize, and he began to receive praise for his skills, which drove him even more to pursue stardom.

Check out more of Ten’s interview in the video below!


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