NCT Ten And Taeyong Reveal The Concepts They Want To Try Next As A Duo

After “Baby Don’t Stop”, here’s what Ten and Taeyong want to do next.

The latest guests on NCT‘s Taeil and Haechan‘s segment Welcome To Sun&Moon were a familiar duo: Ten and Taeyong.

Since they formed an NCT U unit for the iconic track “Baby Don’t Stop” as part of NCT 2018, Haechan and Taeil wanted to know what other concepts the two wished to try as a duo.

As soon as Taeil asked what genre they’d want to try, Ten already had a concept in mind. He wanted to continue the trend they’d started and had a name for the possible track, “I’m thinking of ‘Baby Come To Me’.

Ten even sang the title to give everyone an idea of the vibe. Because “Baby Don’t Stop” was about appreciating someone from afar, he was ready to conceptualize the pursuit of that person.

When Haechan translated it into the bolder phrase, “Baby, come here,” Taeyong and Ten couldn’t resist laughing. No one may be ready for the level of sexiness that would require. Taeyong’s wish was for their next concept was completely different.

Taeyong noted how much Ten’s vocal abilities have grown over the years and wanted to put the spotlight on his improvement. “Ten’s singing skill has improved a lot. Making a song filled with his vocal will be good, I guess.

They were all pleasantly surprised by the twist and even more amused by what Taeyong’s position would be, “That’s what I’ve been thinking. Yes, then I’d be his backup dancer.

If you’ve ever wondered what would come after “Baby Don’t Stop” for Ten and Taeyong, here are the funny yet interesting concepts they’ve come up with for another NCT U duo.


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