NCT Was Ready To Throw Hands At Renjun For Nearly Forgetting Their TVXQ Sunbae’s Name

They were so close to the finish line that they couldn’t take it 😂

In the first episode of NCT‘s first reality show with all twenty-three members, NCT WORLD 2.0, they showed their talent as natural-born comedians.

Out of all the funny moments, there was one where Renjun had all the members hanging in suspense when they thought he forgot the name of one of their TVXQ seniors.

For Renjun’s turn, he needed to correctly guess the name of the person in the photo shown to him in less than five seconds—five times in a row. After naming four SM Entertainment artists in a row, he only needed to name the last one correctly for everyone to move on to the next round.

When he saw the photo of TVXQ‘s Changmin, Renjun had a moment where his mind went completely blank and ruffled his hair in frustration.

Since Changmin is one of the most legendary and recognizable artists of their company, everyone was shook. With his mouth hanging wide open, Xiaojun jumped out of his seat. Doyoung and Yangyang did the same, with the former covering his mouth in disbelief.

Many of the other members followed suit, jumping out of their seats and shouting as they watched how it would go down. Though quite a few looked shocked enough to throw hands, Renjun didn’t let them down. He repeatedly shouted, “Changmin sunbae-nim!

Doyoung’s look of surprise quickly turned into one of relief; Jaehyun couldn’t help clenching his hands at the humorous turn of events; Hendery and Jaemin clapped at Renjun’s victory.

Although Renjun had a brief brain cramp, they didn’t need to doubt him. He always comes through for his members when it counts most.

Watch how ready they were to throw hands before finding out they had nothing to worry about here.