NCT Is Totally Killing It In 2018, And This Proves It

2018 is their year!

From the very first time that we were all introduced to NCT, we knew that we were in for a treat. While the boys have been making fans proud from day one, they’ve recently been making an even bigger splash in the K-Pop scene!


Unless you’ve haven’t been paying attention over the last couple of days, you’ll know that NCT’s subunit NCT 127 has just had a comeback and released their first studio album “Regular-Irregular”.


And this album has been sweeping charts! It took number 1 on several daily charts, while “Regular” received a very good response from realtime charts.  On top of that, it came in first place on iTunes charts in 22 countries!


But that’s not all! NCT 127 has also been making numerous appearances in the United States. They appeared at the 2018 American Music Awards red carpet event…


And given some amazing performances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!


That’s just NCT 127, however. Earlier this year, NCT U had a comeback with “Boss” and “Baby Don’t Stop”.


Both songs topped charts on Apple Music and iTunes with “Boss” charting in 30 different countries and “Baby Don’t Stop” in 10!


Then NCT Dream had a comeback with “We Go Up” which entered Billboard’s World Albums Chart.


Not to mention the huge success of their song “Go” earlier in the year!


On top of that, NCT 127 made their Japanese debut this year with the mini-album “Chain”. This EP entered the Oricon daily chart at number 2 and quickly rose to number 1. It also entered Billboard’s World Albums chart at number 8.


Of course, we can’t forget about NCT 2018‘s “Black on Black” which hit several charts. Meanwhile, the album featuring the song sold over 300,000 physical copies!


And who could forget that NCT also became the first Korean act to rank number 1 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart?

NCT Is The First Korean Artists To Top The Billboard Emerging Artist Chart


But if that still isn’t enough to convince you that NCT is having a great year, how about something incredible that NCTzens have noticed. This year, the group has released songs in five different languages! They’ve released songs in Korean…








And Thai!


With so many amazing accomplishments that the boys have achieved already, NCTzens couldn’t be more proud. And the year is far from over, so who knows what else the boys will bring!