NCT Tried To Convince Fans That “Whiplash” Isn’t What They Thought

The lyrics are a bit…

During NCT 127’s Cherry Bomb showcase, the MC asked about the track “Whiplash”. Visibly surprised, Mark and Taeyong responded with whatever came to their minds, and it showed.

First, let’s take a look at a few of the lyrics in “Whiplash”. Here a few lines: “Wake me up by whipping me / Whip me more / I want someone who can tame me.” There’s definitely some NSFW vibes here. So, it wasn’t a surprise that Mark looked panicked when the MC asked about the origin of the song.

After regaining his composure, Mark explains that his lyrics for “Whiplash” were about his past experiences under SM Entertainment. But, Winwin’s hint of a smile indicated that his explanation was far from believable.

To take it further, Taeyong’s explanation was even more unbelievable. He explained that his lyrics were based on his sister who pushed him to work harder by metaphorically whipping him. Based on the other members’ reactions, neither explanation from Mark nor Taeyong was believable.

With lyrics referring to whipping and a supposedly romantic theme, “Whiplash” is definitely closer to NSFW than Taeyong and Mark suggested.

If you want to check out the explanation for yourself, the questioning begins at 42:45.


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