NCT Unit WayV Dropped A Teaser And Here’s The Details You Don’t Want To Miss

They’re planning something really cool.

WayV is a unit of NCT whose focus is China, and they’ve released a teaser for their first mini album called Take Off.

Although the teaser is brief, it reveals some important details about each member’s concept.

Hendery‘s is “Posh” and Lucas‘s is “Biker.”

Xiaojun‘s is “Romanticist” and Yangyang‘s is “Racer.”

Winwin‘s is “Drone Racer” and Ten‘s is “Stranger.”

And last but not least, leader Kun‘s is “Jet Set.”

Their outfits make total sense given the roles they have, and the full video release seems like it will deliver a diverse experience. So, check out the teaser here and get “Ready for Take Off” with WayV.