NCT/WayV’s Winwin Was Told Not To Sing or Dance Alone By His Company

He was told not to dance alone by his company.

Recently, NCT/WayV‘s Winwin guested on the Chinese show 我们的师父 (My Brilliant Masters). During the episode, Winwin told the audience that he was unable to dance because of mouth ulcers. This reason, however, was strange, since mouth ulcers would not affect one’s ability to dance.

It has been discovered that the real reason Winwin couldn’t dance was because his company wouldn’t allow him to sing or dance alone without the members. Winwin was seen hiding in the corner to try to get out of frame.

Cast members of the show asked if he was not allowed to sing or dance by his company. They tried their best to support him and told him they’d sing all together.

Many fans were angered by this and are calling out SM Entertainment. They have released an open letter to the company in response to the unfair treatment they have given Winwin. They have released one in Chinese.

One in Korea.

As well as one in English.

Some have tried to defend SM Entertainment, claiming that it is more Label V’s fault. Many have pointed out that Label V is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, making it point back to them in the end.

There have been no statements released by SM Entertainment.