WinWin Only Had One Line In WayV’s Debut Song “Regular” And Fans Demand Answers…

He deserves better!!

NCTzens are complaining WinWin didn’t have enough parts in the WayV‘s debut song, Regular, even though he was pulled out of NCT 127 to be in the group.

NCT fans were anticipating to see the release of WayV’s version of Regular and wanted to see WinWin’s take the center stage in the new unit.

However, when fans watched WayV’s new music video, they were outraged to see WinWin barely had any part in the song. WinWin was mostly in the background and didn’t have any solo parts except for a short second without any lyrics.

NCT 127 fans expected WinWin would take a more active role in WayV since he is a member of NCT 127 and was going to sing in his native language.

The tensions among NCT fans are already high due to WinWin pulling out of all group activities of the NCT 127.

He’s not participating in NCT 127’s first solo concert in Korea as well as the concert tour in Japan. Ever since the announcement of his debut as WayV, he hasn’t been mentioned by NCT 127 official Tweets or announcements.

Fans are asking why SM Entertainment pulled WinWin out of NCT 127 if he wasn’t even going to get more face time in the new group.