NCT Yuta’s Nightly, 2 Hour “Secret Time” Had Them Cracking Up

Doyoung was enjoying it the most.

NCT 127 gathered to put together schedules for what they’d do in 24 hours of a day. After Yuta completed his, he showed it to the camera and asked his members which of his activities did they think was the highlight.


Of course, it was “Secret Time” that took place from 10 pm to 12 am.

All the members burst into laughter upon hearing about it because it could easily be interpreted as something sexual. Doyoung even slapped Yuta and said, “You’re funny.”

In between the laughter, Mark asked if “Secret Time” really required 2 hours. Yuta was adamant that it did, which made everyone laugh even more.

Yuta continued to crack them up by saying that sleeping immediately afterwards is what follows the 2-hour activity.

When asked to elaborate on it by Doyoung, Yuta only gave two hints:

I turn the light off in my room, then cover my eyes. I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Although no one knows for sure what he does, one thing’s for sure. Yuta is the hidden comedian of the group. See him crack everyone up with his mysterious activity here.