NCT’s Yuta Left Fans Hanging After He Went To Take A Shower — And Resurfaced Days Later In The New NCT 127 Cafe In Japan

Welcome home, Yuta!

A few days ago, NCTzens were enjoying a conversation with NCT‘s Yuta on Bubble, until he announced that he’d be back shortly because he had to go take a shower…and never came back.

Fans started posting hilarious memes about Yuta’s mysterious disappearance, which only got funnier as the days dragged on. Yuta was seemingly last heard from on February 2 when he came online to chat for a bit with fans. He asked about fans’ plans for the Lunar New Year, and even hinted that he wanted to go have a coffee at the new NCT 127 cafe in Japan. His last words on Bubble on that day were, “I will take a shower first and come back later.”

And, then, of course, he didn’t. Fans were still waiting for him that day, simply assuming that he would take a long while but that he’d eventually return.

Although not everyone was that optimistic.

As the days went on the memes kept coming…

And they didn’t stop.

Until, suddenly, Yuta resurfaced unexpectedly—in Japan.

Fans joked about how maybe the reason he took so long to reappear is because he swam there, the way he’d hilariously claimed to do in the past.

Hot&Young Seoul Trip I EP.3 | SMTOWN/YouTube

…On more than one occasion.

Hilariously, there were some fans who (correctly) theorized that Yuta’s disappearance had something to do with a possible trip to Japan…

…before Yuta actually surprised everyone at the newly opened NCT 127 cafe.

Now that Yuta has reappeared in Japan, fans are extremely happy to see him home again. He’s even been trending in different ways on Twitter…

…with fans warmly expressing their well-wishes for a a good and restful stay for Yuta in his home country.

Additionally, fans are relieved to know that Yuta was able to fly to Japan without news of his trip being leaked, as it means that they think it means that SM Entertainment is really taking NCT’s privacy and security seriously.

After the hilarious reactions that fans had to Yuta’s mysterious disappearance, it’s nice to know that he is home again, hopefully getting some much-needed rest. Welcome home, Yuta! Now NCTzens know what to expect the next time he announces he’s taking a shower!