NCT’s Yuta Was Left Speechless After A Kid Called Him Old

Kids really don’t hold back 🤣

NCT‘s Ten, Yuta, and Johnny appeared in a special episode of odg where they met young Korean children and connected with them over their childhoods.

Since children are unpredictable, one hilariously thought Yuta was way older than his twenty-six years.

To share the differences in how they had fun, Yuta noted that Korean kids went to a specific place to play games. “In Korea, the kids go to PC rooms and play.” It hadn’t been the same for Yuta when he was young.

Back in his home country, Yuta didn’t need to leave his living room to have fun. “But in Japan, we play TV games.

As if Yuta was an old man, one of the kids hilariously asked, “You had a TV?

The question was so unexpected that Yuta repeated, “TV?”

After chuckling, Yuta confirmed that he wasn’t that old. “Yeah, we had TV.” He then explained how different they are now compared to back then. “You guys have really thin TVs, but I didn’t have thin TVs.

The children were so young that they’d been surprised that TVs had been much bigger. Yuta used his hands to show just how big, “Really thick. The thick screens. It was this thick.

In the same way that older people view those younger than them as children, it’s amusing to see just how old younger people think they are. Watch the funny moment that even Yuta hadn’t expected.